New England April 2016


Traveling up to New England is a real treat for me. I love the opportunity to visit family and friends in my old stomping grounds, and finding new places to explore.

This past visit I went to my favorite museum The Hillstead in Farmington, CT where I experienced a snow squall while shooting. 5 minutes later on my way back to the car with cold hands because I didn’t think I would need gloves in April… the clouds cleared and it was back to blue skies. So I turned around and took the same photos over again, it looks like I was there on 2 different days.

Then I got to visit my dear friend and photography mentor Jeanine’s farm in central CT. One of her goats had babies 2 days prior, it was such a joy to snuggle with the little ones and spend time with her and her family.           

Finally a trip up north wouldn’t be complete without a brewery stop. I had the pleasure of stopping by Tree House Brewery in Monson, MA, which was just beautiful, and the beer was delicious.