Dawn, Kaitlin & Kathy

I was so excited when Kaitlin told me the idea she had for her daughter Dawn's photo session. Kaitlin's Mom, Kathy, still had a dress she wore when she was 1 year old, and she was hoping to capture Dawn in the dress as well! Little did I know Kathy and Kaitlin would also have all kinds of toys from Kathy's childhood for Dawn to play with during the session. Dawn was adorable as always, just having fun playing around! I couldn't believe some of the classic and sweet poses she did when I was editing, which I guess is the magic of spontaneity that I love so much. When you don't ask your subjects to do anything but to have fun, and the joy that comes through.

I had a great time capturing these lovely ladies spanning 3 generations, and loved the special props and ideas that have so much meaning and history that they brought to our session!