Bethany & Dewey's Solstice Engagement

I was so honored when Dewey asked if I would document his engagement to beautiful Bethany! A little background, Dewey is my hubby's good friend since middle school! I have had the pleasure of knowing Dewey for the last 13 years, and he is one of the most creative, talented, smart and kind people I've ever met. Which is why 7 years ago when he started dating the equally creative, talented, smart and kind Bethany, we were thrilled for them! They are a beautiful couple inside and out, and we are so happy they are going to do this crazy thing called life together.

Hubby and I went down to Philly to meet Bethany and Dewey for a celebratory dinner, which Bethany thought was to celebrate some big things going on in our life (more on that in another blog post). Dewey had told Bethany I wanted to take some couples portraits of them in Washington Square Park, next to Talula's Garden where we had reservations. Well folks, constantly having a camera with me for the last 17 years paid off. Bethany didn't suspect a thing! We all strolled through the park on the brisk winter day, at one point even talking about how seeds from one of the trees planted there went into space! Bethany had no idea what was about to happen! All I kept thinking is, "OMG they're about to get engaged!!!" Thank goodness Dewey was able to play it more cool than me.

It was so wonderful to be there for their special moment. There were tears, laughs and a lot of smiles. We walked around Old City Philly and took a few more portraits before a big dinner, with lots to celebrate. Congratulations Bethany and Dewey! So much love to you both!