It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

Thanksgiving was extra special this year. My brother-in-law and my wonderful future sister-in-law came in from Laguna Beach, CA to celebrate with us. Adam proposed to Jess in Napa Valley in August, and I was thrilled when they asked me to take their engagement photos. Although they are both in veterinary medicine, Jess also has a fashion degree and the beautiful outfits she picked for their session showed off her impeccable eye. More than that, their love for each other shined through in each photo. They're so effortless together. They love to laugh, Adam cracking jokes throughout the entire shoot. It was an absolute pleasure to take these photos for them and I'm very excited to celebrate many happy moments with them in the year ahead.

In addition to Adam and Jess, my youngest brother-in-law Perry and his awesome girlfriend Sarah came in from NYC for the holiday. Perry has been a tremendous photography mentor to me. I learn something new from him every time he reviews my photos, and he is the voice in my head asking "what's your shutter speed, are you on the right ISO" when I'm snapping. I'm truly thankful for all he's taught me.

I love the above quote, it's so true that being thankful is what brings joy. And I'm thankful for this wonderful holiday with family, and for many more in the future.

I can't forget my brother from another mother, Max Lau and his beautiful girlfriend Ashley. This was our 8th Thanksgiving we spent with Max. Friends are the family we make for ourselves, and we're so fortunate to call them family.