Dawn, Kaitlin & Kathy

I was so excited when Kaitlin told me the idea she had for her daughter Dawn's photo session. Kaitlin's Mom, Kathy, still had a dress she wore when she was 1 year old, and she was hoping to capture Dawn in the dress as well! Little did I know Kathy and Kaitlin would also have all kinds of toys from Kathy's childhood for Dawn to play with during the session. Dawn was adorable as always, just having fun playing around! I couldn't believe some of the classic and sweet poses she did when I was editing, which I guess is the magic of spontaneity that I love so much. When you don't ask your subjects to do anything but to have fun, and the joy that comes through.

I had a great time capturing these lovely ladies spanning 3 generations, and loved the special props and ideas that have so much meaning and history that they brought to our session!

Bethany & Dewey's Solstice Engagement

I was so honored when Dewey asked if I would document his engagement to beautiful Bethany! A little background, Dewey is my hubby's good friend since middle school! I have had the pleasure of knowing Dewey for the last 13 years, and he is one of the most creative, talented, smart and kind people I've ever met. Which is why 7 years ago when he started dating the equally creative, talented, smart and kind Bethany, we were thrilled for them! They are a beautiful couple inside and out, and we are so happy they are going to do this crazy thing called life together.

Hubby and I went down to Philly to meet Bethany and Dewey for a celebratory dinner, which Bethany thought was to celebrate some big things going on in our life (more on that in another blog post). Dewey had told Bethany I wanted to take some couples portraits of them in Washington Square Park, next to Talula's Garden where we had reservations. Well folks, constantly having a camera with me for the last 17 years paid off. Bethany didn't suspect a thing! We all strolled through the park on the brisk winter day, at one point even talking about how seeds from one of the trees planted there went into space! Bethany had no idea what was about to happen! All I kept thinking is, "OMG they're about to get engaged!!!" Thank goodness Dewey was able to play it more cool than me.

It was so wonderful to be there for their special moment. There were tears, laughs and a lot of smiles. We walked around Old City Philly and took a few more portraits before a big dinner, with lots to celebrate. Congratulations Bethany and Dewey! So much love to you both!

Holiday Sessions 2016

I almost named this blog "Better Late Than Never..." I can't believe it's been 6 months since my last blog post! The lack of posts has not been for a lack of beautiful photo sessions. In fact it's been the opposite! Then add 2 family destination weddings, 1 southern US road trip, 1 vacation with my hubby and 1 vacation with my best girlfriends, I blinked and it was 2017.

So I'm going to slowly look back on the last 6 months and share some really wonderful adventures and sessions with some of my favorite people!

To start, here are some sessions from Holiday Season 2016. Big thank you to these 3 adorable families for helping me get in the holiday spirit! Happy New Year all!


Hilary & Family

It's always an honor to be asked to take family portraits, and even more so when you're asked by a fellow photographer you admire! Hilary Murphy of Hilary Murphy Photography reached out to me to capture some family portraits while her Mother was visiting from Tennessee and her Sister and family were visiting from Southern California. As a photographer, I know the struggle of taking family portraits yourself. You set the tripod up, have 10 seconds to run into the photo, it is not an easy task! I'm such a fan of Hilary's work, I was thrilled she asked me to visit them on their amazing farm and take these special photos. They were such a fun, easy going group!

In addition, Hilary and her sister Ashley have a business together where Ashley writes and performs one of a kind songs to go with Hilary's beautiful photography. They asked if I could take some photos for their website, and their beauty, sisterly-bond and talent shined through. 

We had our little shoot on a 90 degree afternoon in late July... so when they told me they had a special idea for their last photo...  I was all in! I think more shoots should end this way! Thank you Hilary and family for a wonderful afternoon!


4th of July

For 4th of July weekend, my younger sister Stephanie and her boyfriend Peter came for a visit! We had a great time in beautiful Bucks County, Old City Philadelphia, and spent the 4th of July touring Crystal Caves in Kutztown, PA. Of course I took the opportunity to take some portraits of them while they were down. It was great to see them and have such a lovely holiday weekend together!

Newport, Rhode Island

I recently went up to Newport, RI for a work trip, where I had the opportunity to mix photography with my job in the Retirement industry. Newport was stunning as always, I’m still in awe of The Breakers after countless trips, and each sunset was better than the last. It was a great way to end Spring and welcome Summer!

Kathy & Lew

I’m very excited to share some of my favorite images from Kathy and Lew’s wedding! Richard LungingBear, who is a storyteller, sacred dancer and spiritual leader, married Kathy & Lew in an intimate ceremony at their family’s beautiful home. Richard told the story of How the Fly Saved the River with the help of some special wedding guests, then married Kathy and Lew in front of their loved ones. I was very honored to document this beautiful wedding that was filled with so much love. Congratulations Kathy & Lew!


New England April 2016


Traveling up to New England is a real treat for me. I love the opportunity to visit family and friends in my old stomping grounds, and finding new places to explore.

This past visit I went to my favorite museum The Hillstead in Farmington, CT where I experienced a snow squall while shooting. 5 minutes later on my way back to the car with cold hands because I didn’t think I would need gloves in April… the clouds cleared and it was back to blue skies. So I turned around and took the same photos over again, it looks like I was there on 2 different days.

Then I got to visit my dear friend and photography mentor Jeanine’s farm in central CT. One of her goats had babies 2 days prior, it was such a joy to snuggle with the little ones and spend time with her and her family.           

Finally a trip up north wouldn’t be complete without a brewery stop. I had the pleasure of stopping by Tree House Brewery in Monson, MA, which was just beautiful, and the beer was delicious.



Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Equinox! We’re planting and planning for the new season, and enjoying the changes along the way. Here are some photos from the Philadelphia Flower Show (my favorite sign Spring is almost here), a memorable rainbow from St. Patrick’s Day, and a first day of Spring visit to one of my favorite garden centers, Linden Hill Gardens

Finally... Snow!

Just when I was starting to think we would quietly slide from winter to spring without a flake, it happened, SNOW! 

First came winter storm Jonas. We stocked up on the usual milk and eggs, and my hubby treated us (yes the dogs too) to home-made bread. Then home-made pizza, and then chocolate chip cookies. Have I mentioned I love him?

Since then, we've gotten a few more storms. Enough to make our alpine sheepdogs very happy. Hubby is still on the baking kick, the latest creations were french vanilla macaroons with swiss meringue strawberry butter cream.

I've been enjoying these cozy days by the wood stove. Someday I'll get back to real life (and the gym), but until then, hand me the shovel.

Fa la la la la, la la la la... and Happy New Year!

I love the holidays! Visiting with family and friends, receiving cute cards and updates, festive decorations and looking ahead at the promise of a New Year.  

Here are some holiday cards from my favorite people featuring photos I had taken throughout 2015 (and our card with my 2 best models). Also a few snaps of the beautiful lights at Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA.


Cheers to a wonderful 2016!

It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

Thanksgiving was extra special this year. My brother-in-law and my wonderful future sister-in-law came in from Laguna Beach, CA to celebrate with us. Adam proposed to Jess in Napa Valley in August, and I was thrilled when they asked me to take their engagement photos. Although they are both in veterinary medicine, Jess also has a fashion degree and the beautiful outfits she picked for their session showed off her impeccable eye. More than that, their love for each other shined through in each photo. They're so effortless together. They love to laugh, Adam cracking jokes throughout the entire shoot. It was an absolute pleasure to take these photos for them and I'm very excited to celebrate many happy moments with them in the year ahead.

In addition to Adam and Jess, my youngest brother-in-law Perry and his awesome girlfriend Sarah came in from NYC for the holiday. Perry has been a tremendous photography mentor to me. I learn something new from him every time he reviews my photos, and he is the voice in my head asking "what's your shutter speed, are you on the right ISO" when I'm snapping. I'm truly thankful for all he's taught me.

I love the above quote, it's so true that being thankful is what brings joy. And I'm thankful for this wonderful holiday with family, and for many more in the future.

I can't forget my brother from another mother, Max Lau and his beautiful girlfriend Ashley. This was our 8th Thanksgiving we spent with Max. Friends are the family we make for ourselves, and we're so fortunate to call them family.