Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second. – Mark Riboud

    Photography has been a passion of mine almost all of my life. My Grandpa was a professional photographer turned Detective for the Boston Police Department, and he introduced photography to the criminal investigation process at that time. My Mom always had a camera with her, and would pull our station wagon over when we would see a hot air balloon landing or witness a great sunset. I was given my first camera when I was 5. It was that 1980’s Kodak Mickey-Matic 110 film camera that made me fall in love with the act of observing and capturing a special moment. I learned how to develop film at camp when I was 10 and I've had a camera in my hands or over my shoulder ever since.

    I started photographing weddings over 15 years ago, as an assistant to multiple Fairfield County, CT fine art photographers. I have an appreciation for all photographic mediums, having started with film cameras and then learning digital photography.

     I live in beautiful Bucks County, PA with my husband and our daughter, 2 Bergamasco sheepdogs and flock of Icelandic Chickens. It is my goal to capture moments with a photo-journalistic style that preserves your special memories for years to come. I love natural light and settings, capturing the "smile at the camera" photos and the tender moments in between. I strive to visually tell a story and capture the essence of a person or celebration.

I'm a Getty Image Contributor.

Photos above courtesy of Laura Vitale Photography.